Let’s save the planet with BIO made toys!

Bioplastic is a general term for biodegradable plastics produced from renewable sources. We are a pollution solution.

Hand-made toys

Before packaging in biodegradable packaging, our products are manually processed and inspected and arrive safely at the customer’s adress.

Handmade toys are often valued for their uniqueness and the individualized attention that goes into making them. They may also be more sustainable and environmentally friendly than mass-produced toys, as they are often made from natural materials and can be created using less energy and resources than factory-made toys.

Why to Choose Bioplastic Toys


Development of motor skills and speech, development of visual perception, concentration and attention, development of logical thinking and reasoning, and development of active listening.


Sustainable toys made from sugar cane and corn starch bioplastics. Made from zero waste production.

Sugar cane

100% bioplastic sugar cane products

Gender neutral

Gender neutral toys are playthings that are designed and marketed without specific gender stereotypes, allowing all children to explore a wide range of interests and skills without being limited by traditional notions of masculinity or femininity.

Circular economy

A Circular Bioplastic Economy Is An Economic Model That Prioritizes The Use Of Bioplastics, Which Are Biodegradable And Compostable Plastics Made From Renewable Resources, In A Closed-Loop System.