Bioplastic Toys BIH presented new toy models at the Orea Art bazaar held in the National Museum of BIH botanical garden.


Founder and director of Bioplastic Toys BIH Kenan Piro attended the regional event called “Application of green business models and ecologically sustainable practices” organized by AHK BIH together with the host company Mann+Hummel and GIZ.

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Bioplastic Toys BIH had the honor of participating as a distinguished guest at the B2B meetings held during the 8th EUSAIR Forum in Sarajevo. In collaboration with the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina, we had the privilege to present our environmentally conscious mission to all esteemed participants. We are grateful for the opportunity to engage in fruitful discussions and foster meaningful connections in pursuit of our shared commitment to sustainability.


We are thrilled to share with you some important news – Bioplastic Toys BIH has become a new member of the prestigious Representation of German Economy in Bosnia and Herzegovina – AHK. This honor and recognition confirm our dedication to the development of biodegradable products and sustainable business, as well as our ability to join the best in the field.

As a member of AHK, we will have access to new resources and opportunities to develop our business and strengthen our market influence. This step in our business represents a significant achievement and an indicator of our business potential.


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New Year, new partnerships.

Bioplastic Toys BIH proudly announces cooperation with EEN (Enterprise European Network) and the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Diplomatic Winter Bazaar 2022
It was great experience to participate 2022 Diplomatic Winter Bazaar. We presented our 3 models. Biodegradable didactic toy “Ali’s tractor”, Biodegradable didactic toy “BIO Plane” and Biodegradable didactic toy “Bio Bugy Set”


Visit to the Srce za djecu Association
The Bioplastic Toys BIH brand is a friend to children and offers them the best for their health. The toy first of all is immune-friendly and free of harmful toxins and odors, making it a perfect protector for loved ones. We would like to thank the team from the Srce za djecu Association for their generous reception and cooperation in the field of education about biodegradable toys.
We are looking forward to the fact that children from the association will play with toys that are their best friends.
DONATE – https://srcezadjecu.ba/en/o-nama/nasi-donatori/postanite-nas-donator


ECO UP start weekend in Jablanica
There was a great atmosphere in Jablanica. Being a mentor and evaluating an idea is a very responsible task, especially if it is about the green ideas of young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
It is a special honor to be part of the “ECO UP start weekend” project in Jablanica. Enthusiasm, a clear goal, protection of the local community are just some of the qualities that the young people presented themselves with!
Eco UP start weekend is part of the project “Engagement of young people in ecological and socio-economic sustainable initiatives in Bosnia and Herzegovina” implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and financed by the IOM Development Fund.

20.09 – 21.09.2022

Balkan Green Ideas Finalist
As the winner of Balkan Green Ideas BIH, organized by Startup Studio with support from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the company presents its idea at a prestigious competition in Greece, where excellent environmental protection ideas from all over the Balkans participate. Validation of an idea, an already developed business by an expert jury that comes from respectable fields of business and ecology from all over the world is the biggest prize of the competition. It is a great honor to be part of the competition and to be a green ambassador of BIH.


Balkan Green Ideas BIH winner
“We consider the entrepreneurial path to be the right path and one that should be followed by every person who has an idea and the will to realize it,” said Kenan Piro.
More about this article at https://lonac.pro/bs/kenan-piro-startup-studio-vidim-kao-idealnu-podrsku-mladima-u-realizaciji-inovacija


Interview for SANCHILD
“I have always loved to create and design. A little over a year ago, the idea of ​​eco-production came up and I wanted to offer products that are authentic and unique to me. So Ali’s tractor was made as the first creation, which is a toy made of a special material with the ECO label. I can freely say that this concept originated as a fruit of love for design.
Read full interview at: https://sanchild-foundation.org/2022/02/27/bioplastic-toys-bih-interview-with-an-entrepreneur/